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Also called a “Zoom Lift,” MyEllevate® can provide tightening and firming to the jaw and neck area with one minimally invasive procedure.

With minimal recovery time and results lasting up to seven years, more and more men and women are choosing this procedure. Dr. Karen Leong, an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, can provide this treatment to restore the contour of your jaw and tighten the neck.

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For those not ready for a neck lift but who have either exhausted the nonsurgical options available or want more immediate and lasting results, MyEllevate® offers an alternative that achieves those goals with almost none of the recovery time of a neck lift. This procedure may sound similar to a thread lift but is placed deeper with a permanent suture that lasts longer and provides more dramatic results.

MyEllevate® uses an ICLED® light-guided suture system that lets the surgeon place a network of support structures between the skin and muscle. This support lattice immediately lifts and provides shape to the neck and jaw, firming and tightening the skin. Unlike threads that dissolve quickly, the sutures can last for many years to maintain your excellent results.

MyEllevate® treats conditions that involve sagging or looseness around the neck and jaw and can assist in treating other signs of aging, such as more visible bands in the neck. Only MyEllevate® can accomplish these objectives with minimal downtime and results that last years instead of months.

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Asked Questions

MyEllevate® is a suture suspension neck lift that utilizes a permanent suture to lift the muscle and salivary glands under the chin to restore the youthful, sharp definition between the chin and neck. Unlike thread lifts which are made of dissolvable sutures and which are placed more superficially in the skin, MyEllevate® provides the support and structure for long-lasting results.