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About Neck Lift Surgery

Do you wear turtlenecks and scarves all year round to cover the loose, flabby skin on your neck? Have you found that nonsurgical treatments, creams, and neck exercises have no profound effect on neck skin that has lost its elasticity? You should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon that can remove the skin that makes you look and feel less than your best.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Karen Leong provides neck lift surgery at her office in Newport Beach, CA to eliminate the appearance of an aging neck riddled with loose neck skin. This cosmetic surgery reshapes and tightens the section on the underside of your chin and neck to remove a "double chin" or "turkey neck." By surgically excising the excess skin and repositioning it to look and feel tighter, the neck lift can result in a leaner neckline. Men and women alike consult with Dr. Leong for neck lift surgery for the dramatic enhancements it can provide your facial features and profile. Before you call to schedule your initial consultation at our facility, read more below about neck lift surgery and the wonderful results it can give you.

Neck Lift Ideal Candidates

Individuals considering neck lift surgery generally deal with visibly sagging and hanging skin on the neck. Hanging neck skin is often caused by ranging factors including aging and significant weight loss. Regardless of the reason, loose neck skin produces an older, unbecoming look, which can only be cosmetically fixed with skin removal and tightening. If you are in good health and maintain a stable weight but still have age lines, wrinkles, and loose skin on the neck, a neck lift cosmetic surgery may be a recommended option for you.

Neck Lift Surgical Technique

For neck lift surgery, IV sedation or general anesthesia is used in an outpatient setting. An incision is placed just in front or behind your ears, and another one might also be created beneath your chin. If pockets of fat exist, liposuction would be the first step in the surgical process. Following that, any sagging, loose, or hanging skin will be carefully excised. The remaining muscle and skin will be pulled tight. This method of skin tightening is performed until the desired contour has been attained. Although sutures are placed at the incision area, scarring should not be noticeable since they were placed under your chin. An injection such as Kybella may also be used to enhance the results. Other nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments with laser, chemicals, or light can help the skin's texture and surface to create a glowing, renewed appearance.

What to Expect with Neck Lift

After a neck lift, there will be some mild swelling and discoloration from bruising, but these will fade away in a few days. You should rest and try to avoid exercise or strenuous movements and activities for a couple of weeks to assist in a safe recovery.

You should see visible aesthetic differences almost immediately. In fact, it has been noted that the neck lift treatment can make one of the most stunning enhancements to a person's profile, while also turning back the hands of time on your appearance.

Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a neck lift cost?
The cost of your neck lift can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Leong. Once she has created your personal treatment plan, she can estimate costs for the facility, anesthesia, and miscellaneous fees. To make your neck lift affordable, Dr. Leong accepts many payments methods and we can give you information on low-interest financing.

What about nonsurgical options?
Surgery is the only way to remove loose skin, especially if it hangs or droops. While there are several nonsurgical skin tightening treatments that can produce some improvements, surgery offers the most significant improvements to smooth and redefine the contours of your neck. You may have heard of the new injectable fat reduction treatment for the chin called Kybella. This treatment does reduce some fat in the upper neck or "double chin." It does not improve loose skin.

Will I have visible scars?
Your neck lift will start with an incision beneath the chin and two more near the ears. They will be placed so they are difficult for others to see. Dr. Leong makes every effort during your surgery to avoid visible scarring. You will also be given scar care instructions that will help your incisions to heal properly so they are thin and flat.

Can I combine a neck lift with other facial surgeries?
During your consultation, it may be brought up that in addition to a neck lift, you may consider another procedure, such as a facelift or a chin implant. It is common for these additional procedures to be combined to achieve the best results. If you have any concerns about a weak chin or undefined jawline, talk to Dr. Leong so she can create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Should I get a neck lift or liposuction?
Depending on your needs and goals, you may want to get a neck lift with liposuction. This can help if you have both excessive skin and pockets of fat in your neck. Dr. Leong will help you decide whether a lift, liposuction, or both should be part of your treatment plan during your consultation.

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Great Neck Lines

If you are interested in having a more youthful-looking neck profile that is slim and smooth, we invite you to contact Dr. Leong at her office in Newport Beach, CA. She can help you make a customized treatment plan to address the concerns you may have about your neck. She may also suggest other nonsurgical treatments that can help you maintain your results longer.

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