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About Laser Facials

When you want a gentle laser treatment that does not have a lengthy recovery period, you should as about our laser facial with the LaseMD or Spectra laser technologies at our practice in Newport Beach, CA. Plastic surgeon Dr. Karen Leong provides laser facials (also known as a "Hollywood peel") for patients needing skin rejuvenation that does not require a drawn-out downtime or are aspiring to refresh the skin more often than other methods. A laser facial can be performed right before a special occasion or event when you need to look your best — it is that gentle yet mighty. Dr. Leong uses the laser facial on patients who have large pores, texture issues, melasma, pigmentation issues, and more.

At your initial consult, Dr. Leong can talk about what laser facial and other rejuvenation treatments will be the best fit your needs and goals. You may also combine a laser facial with other treatments for even bigger results. Contact our Newport Beach facility to schedule a consultation and learn how laser facials can help you get a younger, healthier-looking skin appearance.

Laser Facial Ideal Candidates

The laser facial is a wonderful treatment for many of our patients. However, if the color of your skin is an olive tone or darker, you may have had to skip the laser treatments because of the possibility of it lightening your skin. Dr. Leong offers the laser facial patients of all skin types and tones because it will not lighten darker skin. A great candidate will have a facial skin that needs some help with removing debris and dead skin cells, acne, acne scars, dull appearance, large pores, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and spider veins. Before having a facial treatment, a candidate for a laser facial may also have trouble with the absorption of skin care products, which can be helped by a treatment that gently yet effectively removes dirt and debris.

Laser Facial Procedure Technique

Laser facials are minimally invasive treatments we perform right in our office. You should come to your appointment with a clean face. Not apply lotions, moisturizers, or cosmetics before your laser facial. You will just want to wash them off. We will apply a photo enhancing lotion to your facial skin that is a dark gray/black in color to bolster the laser's ability to remove dead skin cells on your skin. Your laser technician will pass the device over your face in several different directions. The skin will begin to feel warm, but the procedure should not cause you pain. In the second round of passes, the shadowy lotion should disappear under this application. You should see brighter, cleaner skin right after your appointment.

What to Expect with Laser Facial

Each patient will experience different results because of the variations of the condition of the skin before the laser facial. If Dr. Leong is treating your skin for a pigmentation issue, you can expect the unwanted pigmentation on the skin to darken even deeper before coming off in a few days. In the meantime, you can enjoy refreshed skin that will look and feel cleaner and softer. Dr. Leong will give you suggestions on how to best maintain your results at home for amazing skin in between your rejuvenation procedures. She may also recommend other products and services that will take your skin care game to a whole new level.

Laser Facial Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a laser facial cost?
The amount of your financial investment in your laser facial treatments will need to be discussed during your one-on-one appointment in our office. All aspects and details of your treatments will be explained in full detail. Many patients have a series of treatments instead of just a single application of the laser facial to improve the appearance and health of their skin.

What is so different about a laser facial vs. a chemical peel?
Chemical peels essentially take off a layer of your skin. A laser facial does not remove a layer of skin, but it does eliminate dirt, skin cells, and other debris from your skin. You also may experience a rather lengthy recovery period after a chemical peel, but you would not with a laser facial. While both treatments are amazing for anti-aging and clarity in your skin, the laser facial performs more delicately. This does not mean it will be less effective. Dr. Leong will go through your options at your first appointment.

What does a laser facial feel like during the treatment?
You may feel your skin become warm as the laser beam works its way across your facial skin. This procedure will produce some sensations on your skin. We will do our best to make you comfortable. We may offer you a fan or a machine that produces cool air specifically for your face during a laser facial. The treatment is not so unpleasant that a topical anesthetic is needed. 

Is this treatment safe enough for blemished or sunburned skin?
Each candidate will have a skin assessment before any treatment is performed on the skin. If you have a sunburn, it is never appropriate to have any treatment on sunburned or traumatized skin. Please consult with a medical skin professional if you have concerns.

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Laser facials can give you radiant, supple skin in less than an hour at our Newport Beach, CA. You can sit back and relax as we rejuvenate your skin with laser light energies. We have many facial rejuvenation treatments available for you. Call and schedule your appointment today.

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