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About NS Liposuction

With ultrasound energy (not heat nor freezing), our nonsurgical liposuction with our innovative UltraShape Power technology can reshape targeted areas of body fat. While surgical liposuction is a highly effective treatment to remove larger amounts of body fat, patients of plastic surgeon Dr. Karen Leong (who want to avoid surgery or only need a small volume of fat removed) may consider nonsurgical liposuction. Also called noninvasive body contouring and nonsurgical fat reduction, nonsurgical liposuction uses ultrasound waves to help you eliminate smaller amounts of fat that have opposed your efforts in the gym and eating healthy. Naturally, you can't tell your body where to lose weight.

Many of us have "pinchable" areas of fat that are nearly impossible to burn off with diet and exercise. The handheld UltraShape Power device can be placed on the areas you need it most with pinpoint precision. Since it uses ultrasound to basically "melt" your fat, there should be no discomfort during your treatment session at our location in Newport Beach, CA.

Ideal Candidates

Our technology, the UltraShape Power, is excellent for many reasons — for example, it is Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved to apply to all skin types. If you are considering a noninvasive body contouring procedure, then you may have areas on your body that house pockets of fat that bulge or are asymmetrical. No matter what you do at the gym, it does not change the shape or circumference of areas with determined fat cells. Before you come in for a nonsurgical lipo consult with Dr. Leong, you may want to stop smoking (if you are a smoker), avoid taking medications with aspirin, anti-inflammatory, and any other medication that will increase the risk of heavy bleeding.

While our nonsurgical liposuction is not a tool for weight loss, you may be a candidate for this procedure if you are actively trying to lose weight. Think of these sessions as a supplement to your current weight loss goals. The exciting news is that you can ask for the VelaShape technology during the consultation as well. The VelaShape will tighten your skin. When you are losing weight, loose skin can become a distraction. Having nonsurgical skin tightening with your nonsurgical fat reduction can work beautifully in your favor when changing your shape. Ask about details at your consultations.

Procedure Technique

In one of our cozy, minor procedures room, we will prepare you for your UltraShape Power treatment. Lying on your back or stomach (depending on your treatment area), you can just relax. The UltraShape Power device will be placed on your skin and you may feel the vibration emitted from it as it is passed over your skin. Otherwise, there is no discomfort. You can go back to your day as normal. 

What To Expect

It may take some patience to see your results because the changes will not happen automatically. The fat will need time to break down and pass through your body's natural elimination system. You should not expect to see bruising or swelling from this noninvasive technique. Also, it may take 2 – 3 sessions (about three weeks apart) before you see results. If you are actively involved with strenuous activity at your gym or at work, then you will need to discuss how active you can be following your appointments. 

Some of our patients positively report to being a size smaller after their UltraShape Power treatments. You will body will react in its own way and with time. You can discuss your questions and concerns about what to expect from your treatment with Dr. Leong at your appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does nonsurgical liposuction cost?
The cost of nonsurgical liposuction with our UltraShape Power technology is based on the size of the treatment area. The more areas you want to be treated will be reflected in the price. If you include other treatments with your nonsurgical liposuction, then your price can increase as well. We will discuss your final costs during your planning session appointment.

Can it take the loose skin, too?
While some patients may notice a mild skin tightening, nonsurgical liposuction is not beneficial if you have loose skin. Choice candidates for nonsurgical liposuction will have healthy skin elasticity and small amounts of fat, which are resistant to shrink with diet and exercise. 

Will the fat come back?
The fat cells destroyed during nonsurgical liposuction will not return. However, the remaining fat cells can still expand with weight gain, so it’s important to maintain a healthy, stable weight after the procedure. Regular diet and regular exercise routines can help you avoid future weight gain.

What should I do before my treatments?
To get the best results from your nonsurgical liposuction, you should stop smoking as far in advance of your procedure to improve your body’s natural healing function. You should also avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and certain herbal medications since these can increase your risk of bleeding. In general, it’s important to keep the body well-hydrated, but you should increase your water intake before and after their procedure for a better recovery.

How do I maintain my results?
During the initial consultation and before the procedure, Dr. Leong will go over information and tips that will help you after your nonsurgical liposuction. While you can resume all activities after your treatment, it is advisable to avoid strenuous activity and heavy exercise. Some patients may have temporary redness, swelling, and numbness in the treated areas, which can be treated with over the counter pain medication. For your safety and best recovery, please follow all aftercare instructions given by your doctor.

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Less Fat, More You

Contact Dr. Leong in Newport Beach, CA for more info about how nonsurgical liposuction could benefit you. Learn more about how nonsurgical liposuction works, how to maintain your results, and more at your appointment. For easier scheduling, we will do our best to arrange a date available your calendar so you can get your treatments at an easier convenience. Call today.

Avoid the recovery time, expense, and scars of surgical liposuction. During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will discuss the patient’s goals and evaluate their body to help them determine if they are a candidate for nonsurgical liposuction.

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