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Karen Leong, M.D.

Newport Beach, CA, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Karen K. Leong embraces the nuances of beauty and graceful aging at her practice. Her understanding of the structural and soft tissue changes in the face and body allows her to treat each person with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach. By combining empathy with a gentle yet direct manner, she journeys with her patients through their rejuvenation process.

Along with a love of surgery comes her great respect for the intricacies of the human body, particularly in the area of feminine health. Vaginal rejuvenation and bio-identical hormone therapy (femi-surgical enhancements) are part of Dr. Leong’s comprehensive approach to women’s sexual health and well-being.

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Dr. Karen Leong, Plastic Surgery by Design
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I am beyond happy with my results from Dr. Leong. I have never felt so confident! Dr. Leong and her clinical coordinator Heather made the whole process seamless and I wish I would have done it sooner. After my experience with Dr. Leong there is no other plastic surgeon I would rather go to
The best way I can describe Dr. Leong and her amazing team is exceptional!During the first consultation with Dr. Leong, she took her time to address all my questions and concerns. Dr. Leong listened with a very thoughtful ear. She was kind, patient, and understanding. Dr. Leong provided me with a realistic perspective of the results, and a total cost for the procedure. No guessing, or hidden fees.On the day of surgery, I do have to say I was a bit nervous - but that was short-lived. Dr. Leong grabbed my hand and reassured me everything was going to be fine. My nerves were quickly eased. A few hours after the surgery was completed, Dr. Leong called to check in on me, to see how I was feeling, and if I needed anything, she was right there. I can't tell you how comforting this was.Fast forward to my one-month post-opt appointment with Dr. Leong. When she walked into the exam room I just wanted to give her the biggest hug! She has no idea what she has done for me. Truly has changed my life. Dr. Leong's magical hands gave me the confidence I had been seeking, for so many years.For anyone who is reading this review, Dr. Leong is simply amazing. I hope I have given you a little insight into this exceptional surgeon. I am extremely pleased with my results. I know you will be too.I wanted to thank Dr. Leong's incredible staff. They are all wonderful. A special thank you to Heather, I am most grateful for all your assistance.
I cannot express enough how grateful I am that I found Dr. Leong. From the moment I walked into her office, she and her staff made me feel incredibly comfortable. Dr. Leong has both warmth and professionalism and has an excellent bedside manner which instantly put me at ease. During every step of the surgery, she consistently reassured me and reminded me to breathe. It was clear from the beginning that she was the surgeon I wanted for my procedure. I am very pleased with my results, and after struggling with insecurities for many years, Dr. Leong has helped me regain confidence. I continue to entrust her with additional procedures and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon.
From the moment I stepped into Dr. Karen Leong's office, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and professionalism. The office itself is a testament to elegance and comfort, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and calming. Every detail, from the tasteful decor to the soothing color palette, contributes to an environment where you feel both pampered and at ease.Dr. Leong herself is absolutely LOVELY. She combines exceptional expertise with a caring and attentive demeanor, making every visit feel both thorough and personalized. Her ability to listen and respond to concerns with empathy and knowledge is remarkable, setting a standard for patient care that is truly exceptional.The staff deserves special mention for their wonderful contribution to the overall experience. Each member of the team reflects Dr. Leong's commitment to excellence. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond to ensure that every visit is as comfortable and efficient as possible. Their friendly approach and attention to detail do not go unnoticed, making every interaction a pleasure.I cannot rave enough… Dr. Karen Leong's practice is a rare gem. The combination of her professional expertise, the welcoming ambiance of her office, and the exceptional staff makes every visit a standout experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her practice and services to anyone seeking top-notch medical care in a setting that values both comfort and quality.
I have had many wonderful experiences with Dr. Leong. I highly recommend her if you are seeking a plastic surgeon in Newport. She demonstrates expertise in the care she provides, compassion and she is a really fun Dr to chat with. She is precise in making sure your results are exactly what they should be - you are in good hands. Literally. Her patients coordinator Heather is so wonderful to work with. I also love that the practice is an all female staff. It is a very comfortable environment. I would recommended 5/5.
About 5 years ago I was referred to Dr. Leong after my daughter needed a plastic surgery consult for stitches to her forehead. After several laser treatments, her scar was gone. Dr. Leong's care and competence put our minds at ease and we have been a patient ever since. We have undergone other procedures with her and have complete trust and confidence in her background, expertise and skillfulness; not to mention how kind and reassuring she is. I highly recommend Dr. Leong knowing you can entrust your health with her.

Skills & Specialties

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Dr. Leong has an opportunity to start the conversation with her female patients about changes to that intimate area, whether it’s due to childbirth, trauma, or menopause.

She has traveled within the U.S. and abroad to expand her experience under the tutelage of giants in the field, and she is now excited to share with her patients those cutting-edge aesthetic techniques for the face, breast, body, and skin.

Beyond operating, Dr. Leong keeps her artistic eye fresh by staying involved with skincare, injectables, and lasers. These nonsurgical services enhance her surgical practice. She absolutely believes that the better quality skin you begin with and the more knowledge you are armed with for maintenance, the happier her patients are.


Dr. Leong completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and obtained her medical education at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. Her academic excellence brought her to Ivy League Brown University, where she spent seven years honing her clinical skills in a rigorous combined general surgery and plastic surgery residency.

Dr. Leong continued to cultivate her education when she was accepted into a fellowship in aesthetic plastic surgery, one of the select few chosen for these highly competitive and coveted positions. She was fortunate to mentor under and learn from several renowned surgeons both in the U.S. and internationally, including the then president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

She has been in practice for five years and is constantly trying to improve herself by attending meetings, volunteering with local medical missions, serving on editorial boards, and observing other surgeons. Life has been very full. She can’t wait for the next chapter. Dr. Leong is proud to be a member of the following organizations:
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
The Aesthetic Society
The Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons
Mission Plasticos
Reshaping Lives California/America
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