To be plastic means being easily shaped or molded, so to Dr. Leong, plastic surgery is fluid and creative. She believes her specialty is taking what she is given and her patient’s needs to build a result that is functional, natural, and beautiful.


It is work that is challenging, stimulating, and fun. After each case, she asks herself, “What can I do differently next time? What can I do better?” At the end of the day, she loves what she does because it pushes her to grow continually and to never accept that good enough is good enough.

So why aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery? Plastic, reconstructive, or aesthetic surgeries are surgeries that give back. She believes that they don’t just remove or restore what was there — it enhances. Someone told her once, “The hardest surgery is making normal look better.” Dr. Leong took this to heart. Being a cosmetic surgeon means she has the responsibility of instilling confidence in her patients about their appearance, improving their self-image, and their ability to interact with others. Natural beauty helps you feel as good as you look.

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Karen Leong is especially dedicated to the ‘femi-surgical’ solutions that she can offer her female clients. She doesn’t want to ignore the core of your femininity just because it is a difficult conversation to have with a doctor. Vaginal rejuvenation is Dr. Leong’s comprehensive approach to women’s sexual health and well-being. She wants to have that candid conversation with you, to address your questions and concerns about changes to your intimate area whether it’s due to childbirth, trauma, hormones, or menopause.

When you come in for a consultation and for every visit following, Dr. Leong wants you to feel cherished. She is honored that you are sharing your concerns and goals with her to achieve your best self. She promises to be honest with you because changing your appearance is a big commitment. She wants all potential patients to know, “You and I need to build a relationship that will last. We are on this journey together. I thank you for trusting me to care for you.”

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