If you are looking for a gentle, yet effective way to treat your skin for anti-aging, acne, textural issues, or a combination of conditions, we offer several facial rejuvenation treatments at our MedSpa.

What Are Facials?

A facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger.
A facial is a treatment that restores the appearance of the face without surgery or significant recovery time. Dr. Leong and her team offer a variety of facial treatments to help match you with the right facial for your needs.

Based on a skin evaluation, Dr. Leong could also recommend a deeper skin treatment using peels, or microneedling with radiofrequency or PRP. These face treatments provide more intense and long term solutions to skin conditions.


What Is a HydraFacial®?

A HydraFacial® is a three-step treatment that first cleanses and peels, then purifies and extracts dirt and oil, and finally hydrates and treats the skin. Advantages include a dewy, youthful glow with smaller-looking pores, reduced lines and wrinkles, and diminished blemishes.

The results of a HydraFacial® last about a week, although with repeated sessions, many people will see increasing results, such as decreased hyperpigmentation. The HydraFacial® can work to brighten and rejuvenate the face before an event or as a maintenance treatment to keep skin looking clear, hydrated, and vibrant.

What Is a Microcurrent Facial?

Sometimes described as a workout for the face, microcurrent treatment uses painless, low-voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles. This increases activity in the cells, stimulating collagen production to firm and lift the skin. It also increases the cells’ activity, so they work more efficiently.

You will need several sessions to see good results, and to maintain the results requires ongoing treatment every few weeks. Dr. Leong will discuss your treatment plan, so you know what to expect.


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning uses a small, sharp blade to remove the dull, lifeless layers of facial skin and peach fuzz. This form of exfoliation leaves behind brighter new layers of skin and removes fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, signs of sun damage, and dry skin.

Treatments usually take about 30 minutes. You may need a number of sessions to see optimal results. In the hands of Dr. Leong’s experienced team, the treatment is very safe and effective.

What is LightStim®?

This treatment uses LED light to enhance the skin’s renewal and treat conditions including wrinkles and acne. The device emits several different wavelengths of light, each of which penetrates the skin to a different level. This painless stimulation triggers new collagen development and improves blood flow.

Results may take several treatments, especially for acne, but full results should be visible between four to eight weeks. Each person’s treatment plan will be customized to their needs.


Recovery and Results After Facials

Most of the facials offered by Dr. Leong have almost no downtime and take less than an hour. People often plan a regular schedule of treatments so they can maintain their results on an ongoing basis.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is an ideal candidate for facials?
Getting recommendations from an aesthetic professional is the first step in the quest toward healthier skin. Dr. Leong can assess your skin before choosing the right facial treatment. Most facial candidates either want refreshed skin or have noticeable problems in their skin like acne scars, rough patches, flaky skin, discoloration, sun spots, fine lines, and much more.
Can I get a facial with active acne?

Yes. Our certified medical aestheticians use treatments like the HydraFacial that has a vacuum-like suction that gently pulls bacteria, dead skin cells, and debris from your skin even with acne. If you need to have a more in-depth extraction, our aestheticians can perform that as well.

Are facials safe for blemished or sunburned skin?
Each candidate will have a skin assessment before any treatment is performed on the skin. If you have a sunburn, it is never appropriate to have any treatment on sunburned or traumatized skin. Please consult with a medical skin professional before scheduling your facial. If you are prone to rosacea or eczema, these skin conditions may be triggered by certain skin treatments. Dr. Leong and her staff of skincare experts can still help you find a solution and will advise you on the best treatment protocol in such situations.
What is the difference between facials and face treatment?

A facial is one of the most refreshing things you can do for yourself. It feels amazing and makes people want to go back again just because they loved their last session so much! Your skin is cleaner, healthier and glows! But, there is little to no change for skin conditions at deeper levels which is where you can benefit from face treatments like chemical peels or microneedling with radiofrequency or PRP.

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