Did you know only one in ten women ever speak to any of their doctors about their feminine health? Plastic surgeon Dr. Karen Leong in Newport Beach, CA, wants to open up that topic for all women thinking about having a labiaplasty.

Candidates for labiaplasty are generally very self-conscious about how it looks and feels in their intimate areas. Dr. Karen Leong wants to have that candid conversation with you to address your questions and concerns about changes to your intimate area, whether it’s due to childbirth, trauma, hormones, or menopause.

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What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the labia minora or inner lips of the vulva. When talking about vaginal rejuvenation, the external areas of the vagina are often a cause for dissatisfaction for women like you seeking treatment. You may be able to see loose, floppy skin that is not in proportion to the rest of your anatomy. You may find the excess skin to be a source of embarrassment when wearing form-fitting clothes, a hindrance during sexual activity, or a cause of sexual frustration because you may have a harder time with arousal. You may also have internal complaints. These can include a loss of internal tightness, diminished sensation, dryness, or pain with intercourse.

Abnormally sized vaginal lips may cause pain, discomfort, itching, or irritation during physical activities like exercise and sex. A labiaplasty may also help if you can’t wear revealing outfits (including leggings, bathing suits, or yoga pants) because of the size of your vaginal lips. These are all great reasons to seek treatment. Don’t hesitate to call our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Leong is understanding and ready to have this conversation with you so you can enjoy every aspect of yourself (inside or out).


What Are the Kinds of Labiaplasty?

There are two techniques that are commonly practiced to reduce and reshape the labia minora. These are the trim labiaplasty and wedge excision labiaplasty. In the trim technique, the portion of the labia that protrude beyond the outer lips of the vulva (the labia majora) are cut away, and the edges sutured together. In the wedge technique, which is generally Dr. Leong’s preferred technique, a wedge is designed that encompasses the area of excess, and this the tissue removed during surgery. The wedge technique preserves the natural edge of the labia, and the scar is well hidden. The clitoral hood is examined and treated at the same time so that the overall aesthetic of the vulva is uniform and pleasing. Dr. Leong will explain the method you need for optimal results for your vaginal rejuvenation intervention.

What Is the Labiaplasty Procedure Like? 

Most procedures for the labia are performed in the office under local anesthesia or with light oral sedation. Topical numbing cream works incredibly effectively in this sensitive area, and patients do very well. If the procedure is more extensive, you may require general anesthesia at an accredited facility, which will mean you need a responsible friend or family member to pick you up after your surgery. Dr. Leong will discuss these options and time estimates during your consultation so you can make any needed arrangements before your procedure.


Recovery and Results after Labiaplasty

Before your surgery, Dr. Leong or a member of her team will go over what to expect after your labiaplasty and tips to make your recovery more comfortable. Dr. Leong will assess your healing during your follow-up appointments and let you know when you can resume sexual activity.

You will have some bruising and swelling in your vaginal area along with some burning discomfort immediately after your surgery. You should plan to rest for at least 5 – 7 days before returning to light activities. Dr. Leong recommends applying ice packs or cold compresses as needed to decrease swelling. You can not use tampons or have sexual activity for 4 – 6 weeks after surgical treatment.

In about two weeks, you may have visible improvements, with final results closer to three months after surgery. The results of labiaplasty usually last for a long time, but natural aging, significant weight fluctuations, and childbirth may alter results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is becoming increasingly popular among women. The motivational factors are cosmetic as well as functional benefits from the surgery. Dr. Karen Leong can help you decide if this is indeed a surgery you should pursue or go for other vaginal rejuvenation procedures that contribute to your health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a labiaplasty cost?

The total cost of your labiaplasty will be dependent on many factors. The average cost is around $9,800.00. During your consultation with Dr. Leong, she will listen to your concerns and goals before creating your custom treatment plan. Once you’ve decided on your options for your vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Leong can estimate your costs and can help you investigate low-interest medical financing if needed.

Are there nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

There are nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments that can help to improve mild to moderate looseness in your vaginal area. However, surgical vaginal rejuvenation is best for significant improvements to tighten and reshape the labia. During your consultation with Dr. Leong, she can discuss your options and make recommendations based on your needs and goals.

Should I choose a plastic surgeon or OB/GYN?

When researching the aesthetic surgery market, most patients will find that a large majority of plastic surgeons offer labiaplasty. While many OB/GYNs can perform labia rejuvenation, the procedure is most often considered cosmetic. An OB/GYN will be able to surgically remove any excess skin that exists within the labia; however, a plastic surgeon like Dr. Leong will consider the aesthetics as well to keep scarring at a minimum, and that color, contour, and symmetry all look and feel natural.

Will vaginal rejuvenation surgery cause insensitivity?

As with any surgery, there may be numbness in the vaginal area after the procedure is completed. This should only be temporary until the skin and vaginal lips heal. In regards to sensitivity, it is important to understand that labia rejuvenation affects, for the most part, the vaginal lips only. Sensitivity is served by the clitoris. A skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Leong, who has many years of experience performing vaginal rejuvenation surgery, will work around this area so that a loss of sensitivity does not occur.

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