Used with other treatments or alone, Renuvion® uses proprietary plasma technology to firm skin. See rejuvenated skin without surgery with Renuvion®.

What is Renuvion®?

Renuvion® is a gamechanger in the world of aesthetics. This treatment revolutionizes skin contouring with its combination of radiofrequency and cold helium plasma. Dr. Karen Leong uses Renuvion® in combination with other procedures or as a stand-alone treatment to firm the skin. This minimally invasive treatment can enhance the results of liposuction, face and neck lifts, and other procedures. It works immediately to firm skin, then continues to work over the following months to provide even better results.


How Does Renuvion® Work?

Renuvion® uses radiofrequency energy and cold helium plasma to trigger contraction of the skin and underlying tissue. Renuvion® works as a stand-alone treatment to firm the skin, either on the surface or from underneath. Dr. Leong also uses Renuvion® with procedures like liposuction to improve overall results.

Using a tiny incision, Dr. Leong will insert a cannula that directs the helium plasma and radiofrequency energy into the subdermal tissue. This energy heats each area for less than a second, then immediately cools it to protect the surrounding tissue. As a result, the structural support network of collagen fibers contracts, firming the skin. Renuvion® also triggers more collagen production, enhancing the skin’s strength, firmness, and elasticity.

What Results Will I See With Renuvion®?

You will see immediate results after treatment due to the contraction of collagen. You will see continued improvement over the next few months as new collagen develops, making skin even more firm and more resilient. When used with liposuction, Renuvion® contracts the loose skin left behind after fat removal, so the treated area looks both slimmer and more contoured.


Renuvion® and Liposuction

Renuvion® has excellent contouring properties when used alone, but it also dramatically improves the results of liposuction and other treatments. When liposuction removes fat, the skin does not always naturally rebound, leaving loose skin that may bother you almost as much as the fat. Used with liposuction, Renuvion® firms the skin and makes the treated area and muscles look more defined.

What is Recovery Like With Renuvion®?

You may experience some soreness and swelling that can last up to a few weeks after treatment. Recovery time depends on other treatments performed in combination with Renuvion®. If used in conjunction with liposuction, you can expect one to three weeks of recovery before returning to your regular activities. Dr. Leong will provide you with specific instructions to follow during your recovery.


Am I a Good Candidate for Renuvion®?

Ideal candidates for Renuvion® have some skin laxity they want to improve. People whose skin still has some elasticity will see more skin tightening. People with large amounts of loose skin may not make good candidates, and Dr. Leong may recommend a surgical procedure to give these individuals the best results.

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