Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer


For women who want a natural alternative to breast implants, natural breast augmentation fat transfer enhances and adds volume with no saline or silicone.

Dr. Karen Leong understands that women want options when making choices about their bodies. This procedure can give some women the breasts they want and alleviate any concerns they might have had about other procedures.

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer?

This form of breast augmentation uses a person’s own fat, harvested from other parts of the body to add volume and fullness to the breasts. While this procedure does not provide the same volume or projection as traditional breast augmentation, it uses only the person’s own fat.

The procedure uses fat harvested by liposuction from other areas of the body and injects it into the breasts. Many of the fat cells will take hold in their new home and remain there, plumping the breasts. This fat grafting provides soft volume enhancement that looks and feels completely natural.

During a consultation with Dr. Karen Leong, she will guide each person through their options for breast augmentation. Natural breast augmentation fat transfer makes an excellent option for people who want an all-natural procedure and will be happy with fairly subtle changes in breast volume.


What Is the Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer Procedure Like?

First, Dr. Leong will perform liposuction to harvest fat. Depending on which area offers the most suitable fat, this may come from the abdomen, flanks, arms or thighs. The purified fat is then injected into the breasts. Dr. Leong has considerable experience in placing these fat injections for natural enhancement and an even, smooth texture. Natural fat grafting will help the fat cells settle in and make themselves at home in their new location.

Recovery and Results after Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer

This procedure leaves no scars and requires very little recovery time. Heavy lifting or other strenuous activities will need to be avoided in order to let the fat settle into its new home. Patients will also be instructed to avoid laying on their chest until the fat has grafted and is not at risk of moving around. Some soreness and bruising may occur in the area where the fat was harvested, and this may take several days to a week to go away.


Am I a Good Candidate for Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer?

The ideal candidate has some extra fat for harvesting and wants a subtle, natural-looking increase in breast volume. Women seeking more dramatic results may want to consider a standard augmentation. Women should not be pregnant or nursing and should tell Dr. Leong about any medications they take or if they have any health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does breast augmentation fat transfer cost?

Costs for a natural breast augmentation start at $15,000. Location, the complexity of the procedure, and the skill and experience of the surgeon affect the overall expenses. Dr. Leong has expertise and skills that set her apart from most other surgeons performing this procedure. The best way to get a better cost estimate is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Leong and discuss the details of your procedure.

How long does breast augmentation fat transfer last?

Injected fat undergoes a process called grafting, allowing it to become part of the breast tissue. Unlike a filler, the fat will remain there for many years. You can expect to see normal aging continue to affect your breasts, but they will keep their enhanced volume. Significant weight changes can affect the size of fat cells, including those in your breasts.

Is breast augmentation fat transfer safe?

Because it uses fat harvested from a person’s own body, this procedure has almost no risk of an adverse reaction. Breast augmentation fat transfer is less invasive than traditional augmentation because it requires only tiny incisions for fat harvesting, and the surgeon does not place an implant. Fat transfer procedures are used to add volume to the buttocks and other areas of the body and the breasts.

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