The nose is the central focus of the face. It greets us in the mirror each morning and leads the way into each room.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that changes the appearance of your nose. It may be combined with septoplasty, which is more a functional surgery to improve your airway. Dr. Karen Leong has trained with some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the US.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

Patients come in for a consultation with many different concerns about their noses, such as:

  • A dorsal hump
  • A wide nose
  • A bulbous tip
  • A crooked nose
  • Difficulty breathing
  • A droopy tip
  • Nostrils that are too large
  • Asymmetric nostrils

Rhinoplasty is among the most difficult of surgeries to perform in plastic surgery. It requires from the surgeon the ability to visualize and construct in three dimensions. During your consultation, Dr. Leong wants to make sure she knows exactly what you want. She, in turn, will consider what is best for your face, and together you will build a plan to accomplish this. Dr. Leong is a seasoned cosmetic nose and facial surgeon who offers rhinoplasty by taking a subtle approach to allow for authentic outcomes. Although rhinoplasty consists of slight changes, results tend to be quite dramatic.


What Is a Rhinoplasty Procedure Like?

Nose surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure. This treatment may consist of different surgical techniques depending on your concerns and problems. Dr. Leong performs nose surgery with either an open or closed (endonasal) approach. The goal during the procedure is to decrease or eliminate excess bone, cartilage, and tissue or to improve and add cartilage if necessary for reconstruction. The nose is repositioned while the skin is draped over the newly structured framework. Sutures are positioned either inside the nose or carefully hidden in the columella.

Recovery and Results After a Rhinoplasty

Upon completion of your cosmetic nose surgery, you will rest comfortably in the recovery area and then be released to heal at home. The nose and the surrounding area will be swollen, bruised, and sore for the first few days. In most cases, there is some discoloration under the eyes as well. Consistently using cold compresses and anti-inflammatory medications can help with these after-effects. Your post-op check-up with Dr. Leong will take place within the first several days following surgery to check your healing process. It takes about 2 – 4 weeks to look normal following rhinoplasty, but the final results of the rhinoplasty may take up to a full year to appreciate. During this timeframe (first 4-6 weeks), strenuous exertion should be avoided.


Am I a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

Adults and teenagers over 16 years of age are candidates for rhinoplasty. If you find yourself frustrated with the appearance of your nose and have distinct issues you hope to improve, enhance, or correct, this procedure may be the correct course of action. It is essential that realistic expectations are discussed, as your nose and facial profile will be changed. In addition, facial growth and maturity should also be complete. This will be addressed during your consultation, especially for adolescents.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of nose reshaping surgery varies based on the technique used and the complexity of the procedure. Before estimating costs, Dr. Leong will listen to your needs and goals to help create your custom treatment plan. Once this is done, she can go over costs for the facility, anesthesia, and more. To get your best results, it’s better to focus on choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Leong instead of the cheapest cost. To help make your surgery easy to afford, Dr. Leong accepts many payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest financing.

Will my insurance cover functional nose surgery?

While rhinoplasty to improve your appearance is not covered by insurance, if your nose reshaping surgery is considered medically necessary to improve your breathing, some of your costs may be covered by insurance. If you are considering using your insurance, please tell Dr. Leong during your consultation. Our office will help you submit the needed paperwork and information to your insurance to process your claim.

Are there non-surgical options to change my nose?

A wrinkle filler (Juvéderm or Restylane) may be an option to smooth lumps and bumps on your nose. An injectable filler can temporarily correct minor imperfections on your nose, which may help you decide to proceed with rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is better for long-lasting results, larger changes, and improving the internal structure for better function. During your consultation, Dr. Leong will let you know if you may be a candidate for non-surgical nose reshaping.

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty focuses on improving the nose while still maintaining your cultural identity. This may be a consideration if you are Asian, African-American, or Middle Eastern. During your consultation with Dr. Leong, you can discuss what you like about your nose and what you would like to change.

Can I combine nose surgery with other facial surgeries?

Many patients consider combining nose surgery with another procedure, like the chin or cheek augmentation. Combining surgeries for a dramatic result can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Leong. Once she understands your goals, she can help you decide which procedures should be included in your treatment plan. Nose reshaping surgery can help your whole face look more balanced, so you should wait to see your results before considering another procedure.

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