Mommy Makeover


A mommy makeover with plastic surgeon Dr. Karen Leong is a blend of skin tightening and fat reduction methods to target the breasts, tummy, and lower body — virtually any area affected by nursing, weight gain, or loss, etc. can be repaired.

In addition, nonsurgical remedies can be used to smooth surface irregularities, such as skin problems or stretch marks, or restore muscle tone from the rapid fluctuation and stretching of the skin, tissue, and underlying muscles during pregnancy.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Leong is a compassionate and empathetic plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, who knows that pregnancy and childbirth wreak havoc on a woman’s body. Hormonal changes after a pregnancy can affect the skin as well as the deeper structures of the body. No matter how hard some women exercise or diet, sometimes a little help is needed to get the results they want. Whether you’re trying to get back to your pre-baby body or just want to look like a better version of yourself, Dr. Leong is here to listen and help you achieve your vision. As a combination of procedures, a mommy makeover offers patients different choices; you may choose between surgical and nonsurgical options for your mommy makeover experience, such as:

  • Liposculpture
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Brazilian butt lift (liposculpture + fat transfer to the buttocks)
  • Breast augmentation (implants)
  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation with lift
  • Butt lift
  • Injectable dermal fillers
  • Injectable wrinkle relaxers
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Laser treatments

Even though childbirth is an amazing and miraculous moment for many women, it can alter the tightness and shape of various body parts — and can leave one feeling frustrated. The great news is that it’s possible to reclaim a tighter, trimmer figure thanks to the help of the mommy makeover surgical procedure performed by our team at our Newport Beach location.


What Is the Mommy Makeover Procedure Like?

A mommy makeover is a body contouring treatment tailored for each woman by plastic surgeon Dr. Leong based on the specific body areas to be addressed. Many procedures can be paired together — the most common treatments are tummy tuck and liposuction of the flanks and lower back, as well as breast lift surgery, breast implants, labiaplasty, and fat transfer to the buttocks. The mommy makeover surgeries are performed using general anesthesia, taking 3 – 7 hours based upon the number of treatments. In addition, an overnight stay at a recovery center or with an overnight home nurse might be necessary, although the majority of Dr. Leong’s patients go home after surgery. Your treatment plan might also include nonsurgical skin procedures such as laser treatments and injectables to soften facial lines and reduce surface issues. Don’t forget your vagina! If you suffer from urine leakage, feeling loose, lack of sensation, you may benefit from a laser treatment. If it is the look or feel of the labia, a minor surgical procedure as part of your mommy makeover may make all the difference.

Recovery and Results after a Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeovers are cosmetic body contouring procedures considered to be an invasive treatment and can surgically cover a large portion of the body. After a recovery period in the surgery center, you will be released to recuperate at home with rest and the post-operative instructions we supply. This phase is generally a gradual process. Moving around and walking straight will be hard the first week or so, and a step-by-step, home healing protocol will be needed to help the incisions and sutures heal properly. Most patients find the healing phase can take about six months. Even though the primary recovery could take months, most patients are able to return to a normal routine within a couple of weeks. Working out should wait for around two months. In the end, this surgery can be an amazing journey for women, giving them their self-confidence once again.

Exercising and healthy eating habits before surgery will make a big difference in your results. Taking care of yourself may improve your recovery time after surgery and help you maintain your results for a longer time. Getting prepared for surgery may include making lifestyle changes; not only will you enjoy the benefits of surgery, but you will reap other life-altering rewards as well.


Am I a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Leong recommends you wait at least six months after your pregnancy or at least a month after you are finished breastfeeding before a mommy makeover procedure. After six months, most women achieve more stable body weight, and their hormones have returned to their pre-pregnancy levels. The right candidates for a mommy makeover are women who have undergone pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing and have worked to get a tighter figure through a consistently healthy lifestyle with little result. For many women, surgery is recommended to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. If you are frustrated with the imperfections left behind, such as lifeless, deflated breasts, loose abdominal skin, or unwanted fat tissue in the hips, thighs, and buttocks, a mommy makeover procedure could help you. Dr. Leong’s goal is to help you reclaim your pre-pregnancy body or one that is better than before the baby!

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a mommy makeover cost?

The cost of a mommy makeover can vary greatly depending on what you include in your surgery. In your consultation, Dr. Leong will need to create your treatment plan before she can estimate your costs. A mommy makeover is an investment in reclaiming your body and confidence after pregnancy and childbirth, so it’s important to focus on getting the results you want instead of the lowest cost. Dr. Leong accepts many payment options, and we can help you find low-interest medical financing so your mommy makeover is easier to afford.

How do I decide what to include in my mommy makeover?

In your initial consultation with Dr. Leong, she will listen to your needs and concerns before examining your body. After this, she can make recommendations on what should be a part of your mommy makeover. Most women include tummy tuck, breast surgery (augmentation and/or a lift), liposuction, and/or a body contouring procedure on the back, buttocks, or thighs.

What about nonsurgical treatments?

Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on the body. Nonsurgical treatments are usually not enough to get the results you want. During your consultation, Dr. Leong can discuss both surgical and nonsurgical options. Based on your needs and goals, she will let you know if treatments like nonsurgical fat reduction, laser vaginal rejuvenation, or nonsurgical skin tightening can be considered.

Will I have scars?

While a mommy makeover creates a beautiful new shape and figure for a woman, unfortunately, it does include some scarring. Dr. Leong will make every effort to create clean incisions that are as small as possible. Any scars that result from this surgery will be able to be concealed with undergarments or swimsuits. As part of your recovery, Dr. Leong or a member of her team will go over scar care so your incisions heal properly.

What if I get pregnant again?

In a perfect world, women would wait to have a mommy makeover until after all pregnancies have been completed, so the surgical results are not compromised. Generally, any body part that has been lifted or tightened would be at risk of stretching out if a subsequent pregnancy occurs. A second surgery may be needed to refresh your results if you get pregnant after a mommy makeover.

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