MyEllevate® PLUS


MyEllevate® has become a popular procedure for lifting and contouring the neck and jaw area. MyEllevate® PLUS offers all the benefits of the original while adding the skin tightening power of a mini facelift.

What is MyEllevate® PLUS?

Otherwise known as a “Zoom Lift,” MyEllevate® is a minimally invasive procedure that uses an ICLED® light-guided suture system to place a lattice of interconnected supportive sutures under the skin and above the muscle. This support network gives skin an immediate, visible boost. The sutures are inserted via a small probe from behind the ear, and they work to tighten and lift the area around the jawline and neck.

Although MyEllevate® can lift and firm the neck, it cannot remove loose, sagging, or excess skin along the jawline or face. For people who want the amazing neck and jaw results of MyEllevate® but have excess loose skin, MyEllevate® PLUS includes this treatment as well as a mini facelift performed at the same time. While more invasive than MyEllevate® alone, the mini facelift still requires fewer, smaller incisions and much less recovery time than a traditional facelift. Dr. Karen Leong has the experience and skill to perform the MyEllevate® PLUS, producing a slender and lifted neckline, firm and sculpted jaw, and reduction in lines and wrinkles.


What Is a MyEllevate® PLUS Procedure Like?

Dr. Leong will combine the two procedures into one surgery lasting two to three hours. During the MyEllevate® part of the process, a special light-guided instrument places suture lattices under the skin and strategically lifts underlying structures. The sutures cross under the neck to provide a significant lift to the neckline. Because these instruments require only very small incisions, no scars will be visible.

For the mini facelift section of the procedure, Dr. Leong hides the incision in a crease of the ear to avoid any visible scars. From here, she lifts the skin and underlying muscle, pulling the facial tissues back to where they belonged before signs of aging took hold. A mini facelift can address loose skin in a way that complements MyEllevate® for facial rejuvenation.

MyEllevate® improves the appearance of the neck and jaw area, and the mini facelift addresses the jaw and areas around the mouth and cheeks; using only a few small incisions and with minimal downtime, people will see immediate results that look youthful and natural.

Recovery and Results After MyEllevate® PLUS

Recovery from MyEllevate® only takes two or three days. Recovery from a mini facelift takes longer, and people are usually recovered after about 7 to 10 days. You will need to follow Dr. Leong’s instructions and refrain from heavy physical activity while healing. You may see more swelling and bruising than with MyEllevate® alone.

With MyEllevate® PLUS, the neck area looks lifted, and loose skin tightened, while the jaw appears shaped and contoured. The cheeks and the lower part of the face look smoother, and lines and wrinkles disappear. The results of these two procedures last for many years so that you can enjoy your facial rejuvenation for a long time.

For those not ready for a mini facelift, MyEllevate® can be combined with a variety of other procedures to address your concerns, including neck liposuction, a brow or eyelid lift, or skin-tightening energy systems such as RF microneedling. Consult with Dr. Karen Leong about what kinds of procedures you can combine with MyEllevate® to target your particular areas of concern.


Am I a Good Candidate for MyEllevate® PLUS?

Candidates should be adults in good health and without any history of bleeding or clotting problems. If you have loose, sagging skin around your neck and jaw that MyEllevate® cannot address by itself, combining it with the mini facelift may be the key to achieving the full results you want.

Combine MyEllevate® PLUS With Renuvion®

To improve the results of your MyEllevate® PLUS, Dr. Leong offers Renuvion®, a skin-tightening procedure that works under the skin to contract collagen fibers and provide immediate results. Renuvion® reduces loose skin and makes the treated area look more defined and contoured. Renuvion® uses a proprietary combination of radiofrequency and cold helium plasma to safely heat and contract the tissue.

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