Zena Medical & Leong Plastic Surgery by Design DERM & PLASTICS—A Unique Union

ZENA Medical’s partnership with Dr. Karen Leong is based on the marriage of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, and clinical dermatology.

Our Skin Philosophy

Dermatologist Dr. Zenovia Gabriel (Dr. Zena) and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Karen Leong represent a unique collaboration in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, and clinical dermatology. With their combined expertise, the team of physicians work together on all things skin and even deeper – from skin cancer removals to facelift surgeries and comprehensive skin care. The unity between these two worlds offers the best possible outcomes for our patients since we address all the aspects of the human body from the superficial to the deep: muscle, skin, and bone.

Dr. Zena and Dr. Leong recognize the same subtle, visually pleasing angle as the other, allowing them to achieve natural results. Whether we recommend light fillers that improve a facelift or laser scar resurfacing after a skin cancer procedure, we work as a team to produce the best possible result.

Powered by these board-certified medical professionals with years of combined training and experience, ZENA Medical clinic began as an elite dermatology practice in the heart of Newport Beach. It has evolved to incorporate plastic and reconstructive surgery. This, along with a total dedication to excellent patient care as the capstone of practice vision, allows ZENA Medical to offer a truly complete and beautiful approach along with the best possible outcome.

Both physicians represent the optimal situation for patient care as they always put patients first. We desire to be a trusted, evidence-based authority on advanced surgical, aesthetic, and dermatological treatments. Our patients know they are receiving the most well-planned and complete care. We believe that plastic surgery and dermatology fit together as a team, and our goal is to bring balance to your natural look so that you can be and feel like a better version of yourself.


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