Breast Auto-Augmentation

breast auto-augmentation

Breast auto-augmentation can be an option for women who want to have perkier, lifted breasts without an implant.

Dr. Karen Leong recognizes that many women desire a breast lift but do not want to lose their current cup size or opt for implants to achieve cleavage. Auto-augmentation allows women to enhance their breasts using only their own breast tissue as a natural implant for a fuller, lifted result that keeps the patient from losing any breast size.

What Is Breast Auto-Augmentation?

Breasts can change shape and lose volume as a result of aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, and hormone fluctuations. During a fat transfer, liposuction is used to harvest fat from other areas of the body for injection into the breasts. Auto-augmentation works similarly, but the patient’s own breast tissue is used.

During a breast auto-augmentation, excess breast tissue is repurposed in order to add breast volume. The existing breast tissue is repositioned in a way that resembles an implant. The breast tissue retains its original blood supply in the breasts.

During a consultation with Dr. Karen Leong, she will discuss the goals for each patient. Breast auto-augmentation is a great option for patients who want a natural approach to fuller, lifted breasts.

breast auto-augmentation
breast auto-augmentation

What Is the Breast Auto-Augmentation Procedure Like?

During a breast auto-augmentation, the breast tissue that would normally be discarded during a breast lift is instead tucked back into the breast and re-positioned clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on the side. The tissue may be secured in place by surgical mesh. The results are a perkier, fuller, and youthful-looking shape with a lifted nipple area.

Recovery and Results after Breast Auto-Augmentation

Dr. Leong will use an assessment of your skin elasticity to customize a recovery plan. Following after-surgery instructions are important for maintaining long-lasting results. The recovery after an auto-augmentation is similar to the recovery after a traditional breast lift. Some discomfort and swelling is normal initially, but this subsides over time.

breast auto-augmentation
breast auto-augmentation

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Auto-Augmentation?

Any patient who desires to lift their breasts and improve breast shape can be a candidate for auto-augmentation. It’s often an option for women who are looking for subtle and natural-looking and feeling results. Ideally, patients will have excess breast tissue to work with and are not looking for a dramatic change.

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