Brow Lift

Female, 1 Month

A 58-year-old female underwent a brow lift to reduce signs of aging in her forehead and lift her eyebrows. Dr. Leong’s lateral cutaneous technique minimizes scarring. Photos are from 1 month post-surgery.

Female, 3 Months

A 54-year-old female underwent an endoscopic brow lift to reduce signs of aging and achieve a refreshed look. With an endoscopic brow lift, incisions are hidden in the hairline. Photos are from 3 months post-surgery.

Female, 6 Weeks

A 44-year-old female had a previous upper eyelid lift and noticed low brows and some brow asymmetry. Dr. Leong performed a lateral subcutaneous brow lift to give her the results she was looking for. Photos are from 6 weeks post-procedure.

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