Buccal Fat Removal

Female, 6 Months

A 32-year-old female underwent liposuction under the chin and buccal fat removal after dealing with a lack of neck definition and puffy cheeks. Photos are from 6 months post-procedure.

Female, 5 Months

A 22-year-old female underwent a MyEllevate suture suspension neck lift. The patient wanted to contour her cheeks and achieve a more “snatched’ jawline. Dr. Leong performed a buccal fat removal to contour the patient’s cheeks and combined MyEllevate with chin liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening to achieve these results. Photos are from 5 months post-procedure.

Female, 3 Months

A 31-year-old female underwent buccal fat removal on the areas just below the cheekbone, along with liposuction on the perioral mounds (the fatty pockets by the corners of the mouth). Her face looks slimmer and her cheekbones are more defined. Photos are from 3 months post-surgery.