Male, 3 Months

A 57-year-old male underwent MyEllevate treatment. After having a lower facelift and neck lift four years ago with another surgeon, the patient was looking for more definition in his jawline. He was able to get definition in his jawline and in the angle between his chin and neck, contributing to a more youthful-looking neck. Photos are from 3 months post-treatment.

Female, 3 Months

A 52-year-old female underwent MyEllevate treatment. The patient was unhappy with her loss of jaw and neck definition and the development of a double chin. MyEllevate was combined with liposuction to contour the area. Photos are from 3 months post-treatment.

Male, 1 Month

A 30-year-old male underwent MyEllevate treatment in order to thin out a double chin and add jawline definition. Photos are from 1 month post-treatment.

Female, 5 Months

A 22-year-old female underwent liposuction of the chin. The patient wanted to contour her cheeks and achieve a more “snatched’ jawline. Dr. Leong performed a buccal fat removal to contour the patient’s cheeks and combined chin liposuction with MyEllevate and Renuvion skin tightening to achieve these results. Photos are from 5 months post-procedure.

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