Accufit™ for Muscle Stimulation: What You Should Know

When it seems like that time spent in the gym hasn’t given you the results you want, Accufit™ can give you the results of many workouts in just one thirty-minute treatment. Using electrical pulses to tell your muscles to contract rapidly, Accufit™ gives you a more sculpted and toned figure.

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What is Accufit™?

If you want more toned, defined muscles, Accufit™ can help. This treatment uses electrodes placed on your skin to stimulate your muscles to contract quickly. Your nervous system also uses electrical signals to tell your muscles to contract, but Accufit™ can make them work much faster for more results in far less time. The electrical pulses do not affect your skin, making this a safe and effective method of muscle toning.

Accufit™ for Muscle Stimulation: What You Should Know

It’s easy to understand how people might have questions about Accufit™. If a workout makes you sore, does Accufit™ make you sorer? Do the muscle contractions hurt? How long will your toned, sculpted muscles last? The results of a workout without the effort sounds too good to be true, but Accufit™ has the research to prove that it works.

How Does Accufit™ Stimulate a Workout?

To get the best results during a workout, you perform several exercises to make your muscles work in different ways. Accufit™ does the same thing, changing its electrical signals to mimic motions like twisting, gripping, holding, and tapping. These mimic activities like lifting or holding an object or raising your legs up and down from the floor while lying on your back.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most people benefit from four Accufit™ sessions. These can be scheduled just a few days apart. You will start to see results after the first few sessions, with maximum results after the full series of four sessions.

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What Does Accufit™ Feel Like?

Accufit™ feels like your muscles are rapidly tightening and loosening. Most people do not find this uncomfortable, although you may start to feel minor soreness like you would during an intense workout.

How Long Does Accufit™ Last?

If you build and tone muscles and stop using them, they will lose their tone and definition. This happens with muscles built by Accufit™ as well. However, you can have repeat treatments at any time to keep your results looking good.

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Is There Any Downtime with Accufit™?

You can go back to your regular activities after your thirty-minute treatment. You might feel muscle soreness in the treated area just like you would after a workout, and you can manage it the same way.

Am I a Good Candidate for Accufit™?

Most people make good candidates for Accufit™. However, the new muscle definition will be less visible in people with more body fat. People with an electrical device like a pacemaker should not have Accufit™ treatment.

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