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Breast surgery. Everyone’s interested in breast surgery. Every other person has breasts, I get it. And men, get breast surgery too, so you’re not excluded.

Now, what does breast surgery entail? Well, if we look at it from a cosmetic standpoint, we all know about breast augmentation. That’s putting in implants. But it can be paired with a breast lift. If you’re droopy, you may need a breast lift. You can have it with an implant or without. That’s something we can discuss together.

This can also be coupled with liposuction, because every girl out hates this little bit of bra fat. They don’t like they bulge outside of this area, or they say, “Hey, I love my breasts now, but they don’t look the way the used to because I have fat where I didn’t use to.” That’s cosmetic breast surgery.

Don’t forget about nipples, because nipples are very interesting. They can stick out too much. They can be inverted. They can not have enough color. The great thing is we have options for that too. Right now I think the popular thing is to have designer nipples. People are putting filler under the nipples so they have that more projected look without a bra. Can we do that? Sure. But you and I, again, will sit down and talk about your goals. That does it for cosmetic breast surgery.

On the other hand, there’s reconstructive breast surgery for people who have breast cancer. It’s very important to a woman when she has her cancer taken away that not only is she cancer free, but she feels like a woman. She feels like herself. That what plastic surgeons like are here for. We have options, again, with implants with your own tissue, or even if you say hey I’m really happy just to be cancer free, but I don’t have my nipples anymore. Again, nipples are important. They make us feel like a woman or human, and that is part of the parcel of our consultation, and what you will do with me. We’ll talk about your process, your goals, and we’ll put a plan together.

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