Facial Plastic Surgery | Dr. Karen Leong

Facial plastic surgery is probably my favorite. I love the anatomy. I love working in an area where people are very expressive, where they feel like their whole personality shines through. It’s also, unfortunately for all of us, where we show age first. Our eyes get droopy. We get these labial folds. We get jowls, our neck hangs down.

So, it’s one of the most satisfying procedures that I get to do to help you push back time a little bit, and regain what you had before.

So, facial procedures, there’s a lot of them. Starting from the top down, eyebrows. So, brow lifts. And the eyes. Eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty, both the upper portion for droopy skin, and below when you have those pouches, those dark circles, the fat that just makes you look haggard and tired.

And then you go down to the cheeks. This is what we call the mid-face region. I’m going to leave out the rhinoplasty, because that’s a whole topic on itself. But, the midface is where we have that lovely, cheeky fullness when we’re young and when we’re old it gets flat and sad. So, there are mid facelifts where you lift that portion of the face back up, because the fat pads that have fallen down need to be replaced.

The newer thing that most people are doing these days, instead of mid face lift, is to replace volume that’s been lost. So, this can be done either through fillers, temporary, semi-permanent, permanent. Cheek implants, made out of silicone or other materials. Or, fat. So, fat has been really trendy for probably the last ten years, and it’s, I think it’s a great tool especially in the face, but again I caution you to always be careful with fat because it’s unpredictable. I love using it but it has be for the right person in the right place.

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