Importance of Skin Care | Dr. Karen Leong

Just because I’m a plastic surgeon and because I love what I do, doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the other components that are important to beauty. So to me, this includes skin care and nonsurgical options such as laser resurfacing or fillers and injectables.

I believe very strongly in getting skin ready. I think this is a terribly important portion of getting ready for surgery and also maintaining your results. With skin care, I think the most important things are just two. Sunscreen, especially in southern California where we get a lot of damaging sun and a retinol product.

So you will find these all over the place, but we recommend or I recommend these for my patients because it renews the DNA of the skin. So it stimulates collagen and makes your dermis thicker and it supports everything that I do underneath. This I think is particularly true for patients who have facelifts or eyelid procedures, neck lifts. Anything above the neck but again, when patients look beautiful above the neck, then I look at them and say, “Hey, look at your chest, look at your decollete. You’re sustaining a lot of sun damage there. Why don’t we talk about doing a little laser, get rid of those brown spots and wrinkles and put you on a good skin care regimen so that you are looking your best from head to toe.”

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