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In this video, we’re discussing body contouring. More specifically liposculpture. Notice I said liposculpture and not liposuction. To me, liposuction is only part of the process of liposculpture.

If you talk to a bunch of surgeons they’re all going to say that they’re an artist of some sort. I don’t know if that’s complete baloney, I’m not terribly artist myself but I appreciate art. And by learning the techniques and learning how to assess body proportions I guess that makes me sort of an artist, so in liposculpture what I think sets us apart from other practices is that I think skin tightening is such a huge, huge benefit to throw in at the same time as the liposculpture.

Let me define liposuction. I practice SAFE, S-A-F-E liposuction. This is a three part process which begins with number one, taking my device and I love to use power assisted, which means I use a vibratory device which gives some skin tightening and also helps me really get control of the areas that I’m trying to contour and carve. First, I go in there, I go into levels of fat and I’m very, very respectful of the anatomy. I separate all the fat. That means I take that big bulky solid fat and I turn it into nice liquid mobile fat. Once I’m happy that my deep fat and superficial fat have been adequately separated I then do the actual suction part of it. This part only removes what I’ve already separated, which means that I’m not going to create all these divots and contour deformities like a lot of people are afraid of.

And after I suctioned out everything that’s liquid, if I need to go back and separate more I can do that. And the third step is fat equalization. That means I go back in with my power assisted device and I make sure that all the fat in that area is a nice smooth layer like a frosting on a cake. And that again, ensures that skin envelope is going to lay down flat and smooth and tight. That’s how I do my SAFE liposuction.

On top of that what I like to do, in appropriate patients is it include Thermage skin tightening. Now, Thermage is monopolar radio frequency, which means that it’s directed heat into a depth of skin that stimulates collagen and allows it to tighten. Can you imagine anything better than having liposuction or liposculpture where you’re getting contoured and carved and then having this other procedure right at the same time to tighten and shrink that envelope so that you have a very svelte and good results.

The thing with Thermage though, is we can do it without the liposculpture, as just an office based procedure, but thrown on top of liposculpture you have really excellent results. And the results continue to improve over six months. You’re going to notice that things get smoother, tighter and more contoured. The body contouring by liposculpture augmented with the skin tightening by Thermage will really help you to achieve that body goal that you had in mind when you first stepped into my office.

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