Rhinoplasty, nose job, kind of comes in a couple of different components. Noses are hard, I’m gonna be upfront with you. It’s a process because you look at yourself, and this is something that bothers you from goodness knows when. We work together to make a goal and a plan for you to achieve the look that you want, but what I always counsel patients about is that, rhinoplasty is a long recovery process. It’s almost a year. I usually tell patients, “It’s going to be a year before you see your final result.”

So if you come in and say, “Hey, I want this cute little nose. I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready.” You and I are gonna sit down, and I’m gonna say, “Hey, after surgery, you’re gonna say, it doesn’t look that different, it’s really swollen. Why should I love it?” I’m gonna say, “Just wait, just wait, just wait.”

Rhinoplasty, to me, I think is one of the upper echelons of plastic surgery. It’s tricky. There are a lot of details. The anatomy is complicated. Everyone is a little bit different. It could be the cartilage, it could be the bone, it could be the soft tissue. I love doing them. I think they’re fascinating, but they’re hard.

When you’re looking for a surgeon to do your nose job, make sure you find someone that you’re really, really comfortable with. You have to be comfortable with the surgeon, with the staff, with the office, because you’re going to be in and out a lot. I think in terms of all plastic surgery, the nose job is the one thing that really sets apart an awesome surgeon from an average Joe.

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