Covid Vaccine Side Effect: Breast Lumps

Dr. Karen Leong | 03/05/2021

Dr. Leong shares her personal experience with the covid vaccine and breast lump.


Fat Transfer to the Breast

Dr. Karen Leong | 02/23/2021

Who is an ideal candidate and what actually happens during a fat transfer?


To Brow Lift or Not to Brow Lift?

Dr. Karen Leong | 02/10/2021

With brow trends changing, do we lift or not?


Real Patient Stories: Breast Reduction in Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Karen Leong | 11/09/2020

Dr. Leong interviews a recent patient in her mid 20s about her Breast Reduction


How Can I Rejuvenate My Lips?

Dr. Karen Leong | 10/13/2020

Dr. Leong discusses her approach to lip rejuvenation.


It’s just not right down there… fix it!

Dr. Karen Leong | 08/17/2020

Okay ladies, it’s time to get personal! Let’s talk about VAGINAS!


Do I need a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Karen Leong | 05/12/2020

So many women come in to see me because they want something done about their tummies. The most common question I get is “can I lipo my tummy or do I


I always look tired… but I’m not!

Dr. Karen Leong | 04/15/2020

Under eye bags and under eye hollows plague many of us. You may have had these since you were young, or you come from a family where generations have


When did you first notice your eyes aging?

Dr. Karen Leong | 04/03/2020

Was it the fine lines at the corners that were suddenly always there? Was it when you had to peel your skin back just to put on your makeup?


What does diet have to do with it?

Dr. Karen Leong | 03/30/2020

“You are what you eat” and unfortunately, most of us eat what tastes good with little to no regard for what these foods are doing to our bodies.


Better Bottoms And The Fat That Go Into Them

Dr. Karen Leong | 03/25/2020

I’ve been seeing more and more consultations lately asking for better bottoms. And the demographic of the women who want these has been changing too.


Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Karen Leong | 03/02/2020

A female plastic surgeon's approach to surgery of the breast and what you can expect during the consultation process.


Don't Neglect The Neck!

Dr. Karen Leong | 02/04/2020

The search for a way to fix your neck.


Giving Back

Dr. Karen Leong | 01/20/2020

2020. A fresh decade.